Luna Park Ticino

For over a century – or from 1915 to be more exact – the Pellerani family has been entertaining the locals in the Italian and German speaking parts of Switzerland with their Travelling Luna park that also goes by the name “Luna Park Pellerani”.

Each year they settle in the largest cities in Ticino and the German speaking cantons. Last year the dates where the following:

Luna Park Ticino 2019  
City Date Duration
Agno (San Provino) 9 – 17 March 9 days
Biasca 29 March – 7 April 10 days
Tesserete 12 – 22 April 11 days
Bellinzona 26 April – 12 May 17 days
Locarno 17 May – 2 June 17 days
Lugano 7 – 10 June 4 days
Agno 5 July- 4 August 34 days
Swiss German part August – October ∼ 90 days
Mendrisio (San Martino) 8 – 10 November 3 days

Luna Park Ticino generally tours the same cities in the same order every year (this cannot be guaranteed though).


On the map below you can see the different destinations of Luna Park Pellerani in Ticino.


Here you can see a video of Luna Park Ticino:


The Pellerani family

As mentioned earlier the Pellerani family has been touring certain parts of Switzerland since 1915. This has made the family famous locally. Today the head of the operation is a man named Michele Pellerani,  who was born on thje 13th of April 1958 in Lugano, and litterally is the descendant of a family of funfairs.


Below you can see some images of the beautiful landscape in Ticino.

Lugano is one of the oldest destionations for the Luna Park in Ticino
Image credit: Valser –
Lake view of Ticino, Switzerland
Image credit:
Lake and mountain view of Ticino
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