Luna Park Yerevan

Lunapark Yerevan is located next to the church of St. Gregory the Iluminator. The park is moderately small, but offers enough rides for children of all ages to enjoy themselves for a few hours. They can choose to go on several merry-go-rounds, the swinging chairs or other fun rides. During the summer your children can … Read more

Luna Park Tel Aviv

Luna Park Tel Aviv is located in the Tel Aviv Fairgrounds complex. The park is very focussed on the quality of what they offer, so their rides get renovated, upgraded or replaced every year. Of course, new rides are also added regularly. Right now, you can enjoy a healthy balance of kids rides and adult … Read more

Luna Park Sincan

Luna Park Sincan sits within a bigger amusement park called Harikalar Diyari (also known as Wonderland), which is one of the biggest amusement parks in Western Asia. You can spend a good few hours here with the family whilst riding the kiddies roller coaster, small log flume, haunted house, ferris wheel and more. One of … Read more

Lunapark Nazilli, Aydın

Luna Park Nazilli is a small luna park with a small selection of attractions and rides. It hosts a small zoo too. Ticket price The ticket price is 15 TL (reasonable pricing). In the high season the prices vary according to the time of the day (ie. the busier it gets, the higher the prices). … Read more

Lunapark Mersin

Turkey is renowned for its extensive past, thriving culture, and stunning scenery. However, Lunapark Mersin stands out as a must-visit location for thrill-seekers and families alike when it comes to entertainment and enjoyment. Lunapark, a thrilling experience that guarantees pleasure, excitement, and priceless memories, is situated in the charming city of Mersin. Since its opening, … Read more