Luna Park Lausanne

Luna Park Lausanne is a travelling Luna Park, that arrives in Lausanne each year in the middle of May and leaves in the middle of June, where it heads to Payerne. Lausanne is the sixth stop on the annual tour of the Luna Park in the central and southern parts of Switzerland.

It is one of the most important of the parks in the French-speaking region (Suisse romande), and also one of the largest Luna Parks in Switzerland.

The exact dates for 2022 are the following:

  • 20 May 2022 – 12 Jun 2022

This year the park is expected to operate as it did in the pre-covid years (ie. 2019 and the years before). This means that the stands that sell food and beverages will be placed on their usual locations within the luna park.

Entry price and tickets

Entry price: CHF 0.00 (free)

Ticket price: CHF 2.00 – 10.00 per ride

Opening hours

The opening hours for Luna Park Lausanne 2022 are the following:

Date Weekday Open Close
20.05 Friday 16.00 00.30
21.05 Saturday 14.00 00.30
22.05 Sunday 11.00 23.00
23.05 Monday 16.00 23.00
24.05 Tuesday 16.00 23.00
25.05 Wednesday 14.00 00.30
26.05 Thursday 14.00 00.30
27.05 Friday 14.00 00.30
28.05 Saturday 14.00 00.30
29.05 Sunday 11.00 23.00
30.05 Monday 16.00 23.00
31.05 Tuesday 16.00 23.00
01.06 Wednesday 14.00 23.00
02.06 Thursday 16.00 23.00
03.06 Friday 16.00 00.30
04.06 Saturday 14.00 00.30
05.06 Sunday 11.00 23.00
06.06 Monday 11.00 23.00
07.06 Tuesday 16.00 23.00
08.06 Wednesday 14.00 23.00
09.06 Thursday 16.00 23.00
10.06 Friday 16.00 23.00
11.06 Saturday 14.00 00.30
12.06 Sunday 11.00 22.00

Contact information

Luna Park Lausanne
Parking de Bellerive
Avenue de Rhodanie
1007 Lausanne


You can get to Luna Park Lausanne by car, metro, bus and even boat.

  • Car: There is a big parking facility underneath Ouchy. You can walk from the parking to Luna Park Lausanne in approximately 5 minutes.
  • Metro: The Metro 2 (M2) takes you directly from the city centre to Ouchy where you can walk to Luna Park Lausanne in approximately 5 minutes. Take the M2 from any station direction Ouchy and get off at the end station (Ouchy).
  • Bus: The bus number 2 direction Maladi√®re-Lac takes you extremely close to Luna Park Lausanne. Get off at the bus stop Bellerive – P√™cheurs. Walking distance from the bus stop to the Luna Park is less than 100 meters. The bus number 2 also stops next to the metro station Ouchy.

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Image gallery – past events

Luna Park in Lausanne hosts many interesting attractions
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The Sound Machine in Luna Park Lausanne
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The Ferris wheel in Luna Park Lausanne
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Luna Park Lausanne out of opening hours
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Luna Park Lausanne is located in an area called Bellerive which is situated between the touristic harbour Ouchy and the green leisure area Vidy. The site that hosts Luna Park Lausanne is a parking area that is also used for other events. Examples include sports events such as The Color Run. Some years it is also filled with spectators who watches the UEFA European Championship or the FIFA World Cup though these normally are shown at the Place de Navigation at Ouchy.

The Girouette at Ouchy in Lausanne
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The cathedral in Lausanne
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