Luna Park Thun 2024

Luna Park Thun is also called the annual “Thuner Budeler”. It is a travelling Luna Park that comes to Thun every year from the beginning of May to the beginning of June.

Opening hours 2024

Luna Park Thun has the following opening hours in 2024:

Day of the week Opening hours
Mondays, tuesdays, thursdays, Fridays 15.00 – 22.30
Wednesdays, Saturdays 14.00 – 23.30
Sundays and Whit Monday 10.30 – 22.30
Whit Sunday Closed

Please note that the hours stated above are indicative and can change as a result of bad weather and other circumstances.

Dates 2024

In 2024 Luna Park Thun is open on the following days (both days included):

  • 10.05.2024 – 20.05.2024

Interesting Facts About Luna Park Thun

Luna Park Thun is a travelling Luna Park that comes to Thun every year from the beginning of May to the beginning of June. The park stays in Thun for 10 – 11 days before it heads towards Lausanne.

Luna Park Thun is the fifth stop on the annual tour of the Luna Park in the central and southern parts of Switzerland. The tour starts in Sion in March and ends in Payerne in August, visiting 7 different cities in total. Before it comes to Thun, it stays in Lucerne, Geneva, Fribourg and Sion respectively. You can learn more about the Luna Parks in Switzerland here.

The “Thuner Budeler”

In Thun the Luna Park is also called the annual “Thuner Budeler” and has been taking place for over 60 years. The Thuner Budeler has become a tradition where the Luna Park is accompanied by different sorts of entertainment such as musical spectacles, food trucks etc., which all ensures the locally famous “Chilbistimmung” (a description of the joyfull atmosphere at the event). The word “Chilbi” is of Swiss German origin and stems from the word “Church” (Chilche).

Luna Park Thun and Thuner Budeler takes place at the same time as the Pentecost, which allows the locals to profit of the official holiday Whit Monday. On Whit Monday there is a church ceremony held by the local church and musical schools.

Entry price and tickets

Entry price: CHF 0.00 (free)

Ticket price: CHF 2.00 – 10.00 per ride

On friday the 17.05.2024 there is a special “2-for-1” offer. For every ticket purchased, guests on the rides receive a second ticket free of charge.

Contact information

Luna Park Thun has been held at Lachenparkplatz at Gwattstrasse since 2009. “Lachenparkplatz” is a parking lot next to Lachen-Stadion.

Gwattstrasse 25
3604 Thun

Lunapark Thun Hotline: 079 238 72 30


The location at Lachenparkplatz has specifically been chosen to host Luna Park Thun because it is spacious and very well served by the public transport. You can find more information about public transportation in Thun here.

By car it is also easy to access as Gwattstrasse is one of the main roads of Thun. Eventhough Luna Park Thun is held on a parking space you will need to find parking elsewhere, as the Luna Park takes up all the space on the parking lot.

Additional Information

Country City In operation Status Type
Switzerland Thun ? to present Active Temporary
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