Luna Park Payerne

Luna Park Payerne is a travelling Luna Park that comes to Payerne every year in the end of August. The park stays in place for 3 days before it closes. In the canton of Vaud Luna Park Payerne is the second largest Luna Park next after Luna Park Lausanne.

Important notes:

  • Lune Park Payerne is not organized every year
  • Do not confuse Luna Park Payerne with Laurapark (a part of Payerneland)

Luna Park Payerne is the seventh and final stop on the annual tour of the Luna Park in the central and southern parts of Switzerland. Starting in Sion and ending in Payerne, the tour visits a total of 7 Swiss cities from March to August. You can read more about the Luna Parks in Switzerland here.

In Payerne the Luna Park arrives in at same time where the annual shooting competition is held (“Tirage De Payerne”). On the saturday morning more than 500 shooters compete at the shooting range in Vernex (“Stand de tir de Vernex”). Around 11.00 the winner is crowned on the Place du Marché a couple of houndred meters from the shooting range.

Entry price and tickets

Entry price: CHF 0.00 (free)

Ticket price: CHF 2.00 – 10.00 per ride

Opening hours

Luna Park Payerne does not have any official opening hours but they tend to follow the shooting event. Our experience from recent years is that it will usually have the following opening hours:

Day of the week Opening hours
Friday 16.00 – 24.00
Saturday 09.00 – 24.00
Sunday 10.00 – 22.00

The opening hours above are not necessarily are the same every year and can be subtle to change. This can also happen in case of rescheduling, bad weather etc.

Contact information

Luna Park Payerne
Place des Tireurs de Payerne
1530 Payerne


Since Payerne is a relatively small city, it is very easy to get around. Place des Tireurs de Payerne where the Luna Park is situated is only a couple of hundred meters from the city centre and the train station. You can find information about the public transportation in Payerne here.

The Luna Park is also easy accessible by car, although you might have to park a small distance from the park.


Below you can see a video from Luna Park Payerne from 2017.


Additional Information

Country City In operation Status Type
Switzerland Payerne ? to present Active Temporary
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