Lunapark Nazilli, Aydın

Luna Park Nazilli is a small luna park with a small selection of attractions and rides. It hosts a small zoo too.

Ticket price

The ticket price is 15 TL (reasonable pricing).

In the high season the prices vary according to the time of the day (ie. the busier it gets, the higher the prices).

Opening hours

The park is open until 24.00.

Facilities, attractions and rides

The number of attractions and rides is limited, but includes a roller coaster, bumper cars, gondola, and more.

There is a small zoo inside. There is also a picnic area.


Bus: 212 – 213216302602

Other comments

The attractions are a bit outdated and poorly maintained.


Video from Lunapark


About Nazilli

Nazilli, a city in Turkey’s Aegean region, is a place that exudes beauty, history, and a vibrant urban culture. Nazilli, which has a population of about 150,000, is a significant commercial, agricultural, and cultural hub. Let’s examine more closely what makes this city a special travel destination.

Nazilli has a long history and has experienced the rise and fall of many civilizations. It has historical roots that go back to the Hittite era, as shown by settlement evidence. Numerous empires, including the Persians, Greeks, Romans, and Byzantines, have ruled the city, each of which has had an impact on its cultural history.

Aydn Mosque

The medieval Aydn Mosque is among the city’s most notable landmarks. It was constructed in the early 16th century and exhibits beautiful Ottoman architecture in addition to bearing witness to the city’s religious importance. In addition to being a place of worship, the mosque is a stunning piece of architecture that draws tourists from all over the world.

Because of its position, Nazilli is a center for agriculture known for its rich soils and abundant crops. The area is particularly well-known for its production of olives and figs, and the surrounding landscape is covered in countless olive groves and fig orchards. This community pride is honored each year at the Olive and Olive Oil Festival, which draws visitors and residents alike to sample the culinary treats the city has to offer.

Nazilli has undergone tremendous urban expansion recently, becoming a contemporary city with a thriving economy. With busy markets, stores, and cafes along its streets, the city center has a lively atmosphere. It’s a lovely area to meander around, take in the atmosphere, and find interesting things. The regional cuisine is also a delight for foodies, with numerous eateries serving up typical Aegean fare including kebabs, mezes, and fresh seafood.

The neighboring Büyük Menderes River provides opportunity for relaxing boat cruises and picnics along its banks for nature lovers. Additionally, the nearby countryside is perfect for outdoor pursuits including cycling, hiking, and enjoying the area’s picturesque vistas.


Nazilli’s numerous cultural institutions and art galleries serve as a constant reminder of its dedication to cultural enrichment. The city often presents theatrical productions, concerts, and exhibitions that highlight the skills of regional performers and artists. Popular theater production locations include the Nazilli State Theater, which offers a stage for both classic and modern performances.

An efficient road system and available public transportation make it easy to get around Nazilli and within it. The city’s advantageous location makes it simple to travel to other well-known Aegean locations, like the historic site of Ephesus and the dynamic coastal city of Izmir.

In conclusion, Nazilli is a fascinating city that skillfully combines its extensive history with contemporary growth. The city offers a wide variety of activities for visitors, from its rich historical landmarks to its vibrant cultural scene. Whether you visit Nazilli for its history, cuisine, or natural beauty, you’re sure to come away with a positive experience.

Additional Information

Country City In operation Status Type
Turkey Nazilli 2004 to present Active Fixed
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