Luna Park Sincan

Luna Park Sincan sits within a bigger amusement park called Harikalar Diyari (also known as Wonderland), which is one of the biggest amusement parks in Western Asia.

You can spend a good few hours here with the family whilst riding the kiddies roller coaster, small log flume, haunted house, ferris wheel and more. One of the roller coasters has been turned up allowing it to hit a higher speed making it suitable for adults too.

After you’re done in Lunapark Sincan, you can enjoy the other rides Harikalar Diyari has to offer like a go-kart course, golf course, and many typical amusement park rides. You can also grab a bite to eat and a refreshing drink at the cafe.

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Since Lunapark Sincan is only 20 minutes from Arkan, the capital of Turkey, there are multiple ways to get to the park. The most obvious way is by car following roads through Ankara and the D140. There are multiple ways to get to the park using public transport. Check the website of your public transport provider to see which bus departs in your area. Most routes end up with bus 525-2.