Luna Park Skopje (Луна Парк)

Skopje has an old Luna Park that has been in operation since at least 2002. It is situated next to the stadium (Telekom Arena) and on the river Vardar. It is a very small Luna Park that has been poorly maintained recent years.

In 2016 the local authorities decided to build a new Luna Park at the location of the old one. The location is unsure as some sources states that it will be build on a land plot north of the old Luna Park and other states that it will be build at the site of the old one (below you can see a map of the potential locations of the park).

The name of the park will be “Луна Парк” which simply means Luna Park, but has also been written as “Нов Луна Парк” which means New Luna Park. The city of Skopje has approved the project because of the lack of local amusement parks (there are no amusements parks within a radius of 250 km of Skopje).

The project was supposed to start in 2016, but since the authorities has not been able to find a private operator, the development of the project has been postponed. The city of Skopje has expressed its’ willingness to invest the equivalent of €6.5 million in the project. You can see the approved attractions here. The park is planned to host 27 rides.

Some construction works started in 2017. According to the plan the new Luna Park in Skopje should have opened in 2018, then in 2019 and now 2020. The parks future seems uncertain at the moment.

Contact information

There are no official contact information available at the moment.

The map below shows the two possible locations of the new Luna Park in Skopje.


Here you can see two videos of Luna Park Skopje: 1) a promotional video for the Luna Park made by the city of Skopje and 2) a 3D video of the park from a bachelor thesis project.