LunEur is the biggest amusement park in Rome and the oldest in Italy. The park originally opened in 1953 but was shut down in 2008. In 2016, the park managed to open its gates again.

Children of all ages are once again welcome to enjoy rides like the spinner, the ferris wheel, kiddies roller coasters, a climbing park and much more. The park often organizes events for special holidays like Christmas, Halloween, Carnival, The Festival of Lights and more.

They also occasionally invite well-known figures to the park like Romolo, the mascot of AS Roma.

Entry price and tickets

You have to pay both an entry price and tickets in this park. There are multiple levels of tickets you can buy, varying in group size and flexibility. Tickets can cost anywhere between €3,50 and €20,- depending on this. The virtual tickets are called Lunalire and can be bought only in the park for €1 per ticket of bundle prices like 35 for 30 euros, 60 for 50 euros and 90 for 70 euros. The rides cost 2-3 tickets with the exception of the panoramica, which costs 5 tickets.

Opening hours

Although the park has precautions in place like wearing a mask and refusing entry to people who have symptoms, the park is closed right now due to orders of the government in regards to COVID-19. Opening hours are not available at this moment.

Contact information

You can find the answer to most of your questions in the FAQ on their website:

Address: Via delle Tre Fontane, 100, 00144 Roma RM, Italy

Email: [email protected]


LunEur is located in the South of Rome, so you’ll need to follow the E80 when travelling by car, and exit using the SS148. You’ll find the park near the McDonald’s and Splash Zone.




Below you can also see a documentary about LunEur:

Additional Information

Country City In operation Status Type
Italy Rome 1953 to 2008 and 2016 to present Active Fixed
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