Luna Park London

The luna park in London is called Brent Cross Lunapark. It offers a wide variety of attractions for both kids, families and adrenaline seekers. Run through the horror house, jump on the trampolines, enjoy a ride on one of the roller coasters, sit back and relax on the observing wheel, the choice is all yours.

When it’s time to take a break, you can choose a sweet snack, a nice fish & chips, burgers, hotdogs and more. Of course, there are also delicious refreshing drinks to go with your meal like fruit juices, fizzy drinks, slush puppies, coffee or tea or simply water. For the adults who really crave a cool beer, cider, spirit or wine, be sure to bring your ID.

Entry price and tickets

Lunapark Brent Cross does require an entrance fee of £3,-. This doesn’t mean that the rides are free. All rides have to be paid for using tokens. Children and family attractions usually cost 2-5 tokens, whereas the more extreme rides are often more expensive. One token can be purchased for £1,20 and you can purchase 25 tokens for £20,-.

Opening hours

Lunapark Brent Cross is open from October 8th until November 7th in 2021. During the school holidays (starting on the 23rd of October and ending on the 31st of October, the park is open from 12PM to 9PM.

Contact information

Address: Brent Cross Shopping Centre, London, NW4 3FP
Email: [email protected]


There are multiple ways to get to Brent Cross Lunapark. The most obvious way is by car following the M1. You can also get there by bus as Brent Cross Shopping Centre (stop B) and Prince Charles Drive (stop G) are nearby. Brent Cross metrostation is located at just a few minutes walking distance from the park.



Additional Information

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United Kingdom London ? Active Fixed
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