Peko's Multiparque

Peko’s Multiparque is an amusement park located in the heart of Villa Carlos Paz, Córdoba. It offers a wide range of attractions and entertainment options for visitors of all ages.


  • Children 4 – 6 years old: $9.000
  • over 7 years old and adults: $18.000
  • Seniors: $9.000

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You’re in for a thrilling experience at Peko’s Multipark with attractions like the Tunnel, Bumper Cars, Magic Cube, Russian Mountain, and Spinner.

Each ride offers a unique adventure that will keep you entertained throughout your visit. Make sure to try them all for an unforgettable day of fun!


Experience the thrill of speed and height as you glide through the park in a massive tunnel-slide. But fear not, the descent ends on a soft mat ensuring a safe landing.

Bumper Cars

You are guaranteed to have fun with the classic bumper cars, a timeless favorite among visitors of all ages.

Magic Cube

Test your survival skills in this exhilarating moving game. Climb, dodge, and spin your way through the challenges within this fantastic attraction.

Russian Mountain

Are you ready to challenge the curves and climb to the peak for an adrenaline-fueled adventure?


Spin, twist, and turn in this captivating mechanical game that defies gravity. Dare to embark on this thrilling journey with a friend by your side.

5D Cinema

Immerse yourself in a complete sensory experience, from traversing towering cliffs to hurtling through roller coaster tracks, all while feeling the air and water around you. Become the protagonist of your own adventure with 3d glasses.

Bee World

Explore the fascinating world of bees, discover their intricate lives, and indulge in their delicious honey and wax products.


Wander through a botanical wonderland dedicated to the cultivation, preservation, and exhibition of a vast array of plant species.

Ecological Jungle

Come on a journey through an ecological paradise where animals roam freely, offering visitors a unique opportunity to connect with nature.

Bio Parc

Encounter a diverse array of wildlife, from playful monkeys to majestic toucans, within this biodiverse sanctuary.

Ecological Reserve

You can explore a variety of captivating ecological attractions at Peko’s Multipark’s Ecological Reserve. The reserve is dedicated to wildlife preservation through sustainable practices.

Take in breathtaking views of the reserve from the lookout point, offering the perfect backdrop for capturing cherished memories.


Step back in time and explore the realm of ancient Egypt, where you’ll encounter the majestic rulers of the past.


Amidst the diverse array of attractions at Peko’s Multipark, a series of enchanting Pendula await your exploration. These pendula swings are a magnet for thrill-seekers, offering an unparalleled experience of adrenaline rush. The pendula design is an engineering marvel, combining innovation with excitement to create an unforgettable experience.

Wave Zone

A colorful and innovative environment specially designed with ramps and slides accompanies our main attraction: a huge pool with extreme waves to enjoy with family or friends. Unique in the interior of the country, it offers pure joy and fun, music and games for all ages.


  • Children 4 – 7 years old: $6.000
  • Childrem from 8 years and adults: $12.000
  • Seniors: $6.000

Big ramp

Wave Zone introduces a generously sized pool equipped with advanced technology designed to create waves of varying magnitudes.

Little ramp

Conversely, the water park features three petite water ramps of varying heights, catering to the adventurous spirits.


At Wave Zone, skaters can access various services to enhance their experience at Peko’s Multipark. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we ensure quality assurance in all our offerings.

Our dedicated team strives for service excellence, providing assistance and guidance to make your visit memorable. Whether you need equipment rentals, maintenance support, or personalized coaching sessions, our services cater to your every need.

We value your feedback and constantly work on improving our services to meet your expectations. Trust Wave Zone to deliver top-notch services that elevate your skating experience and keep you coming back for more fun and excitement at Peko’s Multipark.

Wave Zone Access

Route 38 – Junction to Tanti
Villa Santa Cruz del Lago

Telephone: (351) 2384068


Special quotes are available for groups of families, seniors and students. Contact the park for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is making a reservation necessary? No, it’s not required.
  • Can animals be brought inside? No, animals are prohibited within the park.
  • Is smoking permitted indoors? Smoking is only allowed in designated open areas.
  • Are there barbecue grills available? No, there are none.
  • Is outside food permitted? Yes, it is allowed.
  • Can you bring mate equipment? Certainly, you can.
  • What forms of payment do you accept? We accept cash, debit, and credit cards.
  • Which credit and/or debit cards are accepted? Visa, Mastercard, Cabal, and Cordobesa; Tarjeta Naranja Plan Z as per current agreements. Note: Credit card payments are not applicable for promotions.
  • How long does the park tour typically last? Approximately 5 hours.
  • Is re-entry allowed? Yes, by validating the ticket at the ticket office.
  • What’s the policy for rainy weather? In case of temporary rain, access to attractions like Roller Coaster and Tonel will be suspended and resumed when it stops. If rain persists, tickets are valid for the following day.
  • Is the park accessible for wheelchair users? Yes, the park is wheelchair accessible.
  • Is there an emergency service available? Yes, Mutual de Taxis provides emergency services.
  • What food options are available at the canteen? Fast food items such as hot dogs, hamburgers, and French fries are offered.
  • Which transportation companies serve the park? All lines to Tanti (FonoBus, Santa Fe) and Cosquín (Lumasa, Sarmiento, ERSA).

History of the Park

Established on July 4, 1983, Peko’s Multiparque is a multifaceted destination offering tourism, recreation, and educational experiences. Spanning 10 hectares, this park is nestled in the scenic Cordoba hills within the Punilla Valley, a hallmark of the Province of Córdoba. Situated precisely on Route 38 (formerly Route 20), Empalme a Tanti, in the town of Villa Santa Cruz del Lago, it serves as a hub for healthy and enlightening leisure pursuits.

Continuously expanding its offerings, Peko’s Multiparque boasts attractions suitable for all ages, including exotic gardens, diverse games, a 5D cinema, captivating shows, a mini zoo, intricate mazes, and guided tours.

Peko’s Multiparque stands out for its captivating performances tailored to audiences of all ages. Its lush green spaces, diverse attractions, and array of entertainment options, alongside a rich variety of animals amidst verdant surroundings, make it the perfect destination for families to explore and enjoy.


From Córdoba Capital:
By RN 20 to RN 38
Villa Santa Cruz del Lago – Villa Carlos Paz

From Traslasierra Valley:
By RP 34 and RP 14 to RN 38
Villa Santa Cruz del Lago – Villa Carlos Paz

Further information

Visit the official website of Peko’s Multiparque here:

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