Luna Park L’Escala

Near the coast of sunny Spain, Luna Park L’Escala offers an escape for families with tons of fun activities. Kids can enjoy themselves on the trampolines, bouncy castle, arcade hall and more. Adults are also free to join their kids in the arcades and will probably enjoy the flipper tables taking them back to their … Read more

Luna Park La Palmyre

Lunapark La Palmyre is one of the bigger Lunaparks catering both to kids and adults. Situated in the South-East of France, you can enjoy yourself here for hours with more than 50 attractions. Some of these attractions are mainly focussed on kids, like the giant slide and the mini-roller coaster, but there are plenty of … Read more

Luna Park Funfair

Lunapark Funfair is also known as the Scarborough amusement park as it’s located at the end of Scarborough South Bay. The park is small, but offers enough fun activities for families to enjoy themselves for a few hours. You can take a ride on the octopus, enjoy the view from atop the ferris wheel, compete … Read more

Lunapark Fréjus

Lunapark Fréjus is one of the bigger Lunaparks and is located in France. Both children and adults will be able to enjoy themselves here for a night. The youngest kids, aged 1 to 10, can have fun in their designated area with rides which are safe for their ages. But even adults enjoy coming to … Read more


LunEur is the biggest amusement park in Rome and the oldest in Italy. The park originally opened in 1953 but was shut down in 2008. In 2016, the park managed to open its gates again. Children of all ages are once again welcome to enjoy rides like the spinner, the ferris wheel, kiddies roller coasters, … Read more