Luna Park Prizren

If you are in Prizren and looking for a place for family fun and entertainment in Kosovo, Luna Park Prizren is your ultimate destination! The place is nestled amidst picturesque surroundings delivering an enchanting experience for visitors of all ages. Facilities As you enter this place, you’ll witness the charming sight of a bridge crossing … Read more

Amusement park Vrnjacka Banja

Amusement park Vrnjacka Banja is situated in a picturesque location surrounded by the lush green mountains of central Serbia. It is a must-visit family entertainment spot if you are nearby. Facilities A great place for enjoyment for all age groups, this amusement park in Vrnjacka Banja offers numerous thrilling rides. From the top of the … Read more

Luna Park Graci Ksamil

Luna Park Graci is a small entertainment park that offers fun rides and other attractions for kids. It is located in front of the beach in Ksamil. Facilities Luna Park Graci Ksamil is a small amusement park set up alongside the beach of Ksamil. The setup includes electric bumper cars, different types of carousels and … Read more

Tirana Luna Park Albania

Tirana Luna Park is a fun-filled amusement park in the city of Tirana. Here, you can enjoy many different games suitable for people of different age groups. Summers are the best time to visit the park as it offers a good escape from the heat as the place is covered by the high trees of … Read more

Luna Park Durres

Luna Park in Durres is an amusement park that offers several enjoyable rides for adults as well as kids. It is located next to the seashore presenting various photo opportunities to the visitors. So if you are traveling to Durres with your friends or family, you can spend quite a joyful time here. Facilities Unlike … Read more

Parque Temático de la Cruz (de Santa Ana)

The Parque Temático de la Cruz is a tourism venture located near the city of Santa Ana, in the province of Misiones. Spanning across 57.5 hectares on the Santa Ana hill, at 360 meters above sea level, the park offers native jungle, waterfalls, a variety of local bird species, and natural viewpoints. Its main attraction … Read more

Luna Park Gjika

Luna Park Gjika is located in Saranda, Albania right in front of Saranda’s public beach. It is a small entertainment park for kids at the beachfront promenade in Saranda. Facilities While there are several small rides and bouncy castles for the little kids, they can also enjoy video games like car racing and win prizes … Read more

Jardar Park

Jardar Park, located near the main square in the Province of Córdoba, is an excellent spot for a day out with the kids. This amusement park offers a wide variety of games and entertainment suitable for all ages. From bumper cars to bouncing on the trampoline, children can spend hours exploring the different attractions available. … Read more

Parque Rodó Montevideo

The José Enrique Rodó Park, also known as Parque Rodó, is a park located in the city of Montevideo. Covering an area of 42 hectares, it serves as a traditional leisure spot for the residents of Montevideo. As a cornerstone of amusement in Montevideo, Parque Rodó holds a special place in the hearts of families, … Read more

Lunapark Malta 

Lunapark Malta is situated in St. Julian’s Malta where visitors can enjoy it with their friends and family.  From a kid to an adult, everyone can go and have some fun. This park generally remains accessible from late May to July.  Facilities Lunapark Malta incorporates multiple rides like bumper cars and carousels, adrenaline-pumping roller coasters, … Read more