Luna Park Switzerland

There are two Travelling Luna Parks in Switzerland:

  • Luna Park (Romandy) that tours the french speaking (middle- and especially the southern) part of the country from March to August.
  • Luna Park Pellerani that tours the Italian and German speaking parts of Switzerland from March to November.

Both Luna Parks have very carefully planned tours that they follow each year, but deviations can occur. Some years they might also settle at specific events that attract many visitors such as expositions, concerts, sports events etc.

Luna Park (Romandy)

The yearly schedule below shows the tour of Luna Park (Romandy) that tours the french speaking part of Switzerland.

Place Period Duration
Sion Mid-march to end March 6 – 14 days
Fribourg End March to mid-April 17 days
Geneva End March to mid-April 23 days
Lucerne End April to the beginning of May 10 days
Thun Beginning of May to the beginning og June 10 – 11 days
Lausanne Mid-May to mid-June 25 days
Payerne End August 3 days
Morges ? ?
Bulle ? ?

Please note that the periods mentioned above can overlap because the tour plan of the Swiss Luna Parks can change from year to year. Some years Luna Park in Thun for example might be placed before the Luna Park in Lausanne and other years it might be placed after. Some years certain the locations may be entirely left out.

Some years the Swiss Luna Park also settles in smaller cities such as Morges and Bulle. This happens occasionally and is therefore difficult to include on this website.

Luna Park Pellerani in Ticino

In the Italian and German speaking part of Switzerland,  the Luna Park has been run by a single family, the Pelleranis, for more than a century – that is where the name “Luna Park Pellerani” comes from. It is also called “Luna Park Ticino” because the family tours Ticino from March to November.

You can read more about Luna Park Ticino/Pellerani here.

Sizes of the Swiss Luna Parks

The sizes and durations of the Luna Parks in Switzerland varies; the largest, longest and most well-known are those of Geneva and Lausanne followed by Luna Park Ticino respectively. The rest are quite small and almost only known by the locals.


Tour map of Luna Park (Romandy)

The map below shows the tour plan of Luna Park (Romandy). The tour starts in the beginning of March in Sion and ends in the end of August in Payerne.

The annual tour of Luna Park in Switzerland
The map below is made with Google MyMaps and shows an interative version of the map above.

Tour map of Luna Park Ticino

All Luna Parks in Switzerland

The map below shows all the Luna Parks in Switzerland.