Bostanci Lunapark

Bostanci Lunapark is one of the oldest theme parks in Istanbul located in the Asian part of Istanbul. The park is easily accessible as it is located centrally in Istanbul just 20km from the old city.

Both young and old can have the time of their lives in more adrenaline pumping rides like Horror Tunnel and Bumper Cars, but there are also kid-friendly rides so even the youngest ones can enjoy themselves.

The park is part of a family business, with Bostanci Lunapark being built in 1983 and renewed every year. Did you know that all the attractions are manufactured in Italy?

Because Botanci Lunapark has a central position in Istanbul, it’s very well visited. It’s even possible to stay in a high-class hotel near Bostanci park as the Royal Inci Airport Hotel is only 24 minutes away, and other hotels a mere 5 minutes away.

Entry price and tickets

Bostanci Lunapark has low prices making it accessible to anyone who wants to have a fun day out. The attractions kost just 10TL per ride or game. It’s a classic Lunapark so you won’t have to pay an entry fee.


Opening hours

The park has practical opening hours making sure the park is always accessible to both kids, adults and people working night shifts.

The park is open from 13:00 to 01:00 on weekdays, and 11:30 to 01:00 on weekends


Contact information

Address: Bostancı mah, Mehmet Şevki Paşa Cd. No:8, 34744 Kadıköy/İstanbul, Turkey

Telephone: +90 216 384 72 10



Bostanci Lunapark is accessible by (mini)bus, seabus and car.

  • (Mini)bus: All (mini)busses on the road Kadiköy – Kartal can be used to reach Bostanci Lunapark.
  • Seabus: If you dock at Bostanci Seabus Pier, you’ll be 10 minutes away from the park.
  • Car: There’s a paid parking lot next to the park. If you follow the route Kadiköy – Kartal, you’ll see signs for Bostanci Lunapark.




Additional Information

Country City In operation Status Type
Turkey Bostancı 2002 to present Active Fixed
קטגוריות Asia
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